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Extra Curricular Activities at Dawmouse


Thursday’s sports lessons are a highlight of the week for Children. Coach JJ, from Tiny Feet, holds a couple of 30 minute sports lesson for the children. This is the only time we separate the children by age in our routine, each lesson is focused on refining gross motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and following instructions. With a variety of different games, the children are able to practice throwing, catching, ball control, colour recognition, concentration and of course fitness.

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Miss Nora, from Kidslingo, comes on a Friday and teaches the children French through repetition, music and movement, the interactive class helps build the child’s vocabulary with actions for new words and songs that help the children to learn. Our Assistant Teacher also encourages the children to use the words that they learn throughout the week, focusing on pronunciation and giving every day scenarios for the children to practice.

Kidslingo: French for Kids | Fun Classes | Happy Children | (kidslingo.co.uk)


Miss Jade is our music teacher, from Music House for Children, who does a 1/2 hour session, learning new songs, exploring pitch, rhythm and movement as well as having the opportunity to play and listen to a variety of instruments.

Music House for Children: Music Lessons In London | Music Tutors In London | Music House for Children


Art is a wonderful tool for the children to express themselves creatively, developing imagination, exploring different textures and mediums. The children have the opportunity to explore the art shelf, work at the easel as well as teacher-led activities following our letter of the week, topic related activities, exploring cultural and religious festivals and creating display work for our concerts.


We are lucky at Dawmouse that we have our own, large playground for the children to play and explore. It is a wonderful space for the children to simply be children, running around and using different equipment as props in their role play. We also create areas for construction, balancing, problem solving and reading. We try and go outdoors every day, even if it is just for some fresh air and we are lucky we also have the use of a gymnasium for the not so sunny days.

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