Meet the Team

Meet the Dawmouse Team

The teacher’s task is first to nourish and assist, to watch, encourage, guide, induce, rather than to interfere, prescribe or restrict.

Maria Montessori

Miss Claire started at Dawmouse whilst doing her Montessori work placement before qualifying and joining the team in September 2016 after having worked as a nanny for various families in Fulham. She started her education at a Montessori nursery in London and had the Montessori principles being the foundations of her upbringing. She was educated in England before heading to Ireland to a cookery school. After seven years in the hospitality industry, the call to work with children became stronger and Miss Claire took the decision to change professions.

Caring for children has always been one of her passions and the Montessori method of following your child, sculpting their education around his/her needs and interests resonates with Miss Claire. She likes to make sure the children are having fun while learning in a safe, social and stimulating environment. After working at Dawmouse for six years, Miss Claire has recently taken over as owner of Dawmouse. To continue the Dawmouse story into its fifth decade.

Miss Joanne is originally from South Korea and settled in London after getting married. After becoming a parent herself, she developed a passion for furthering children’s education and development. During that time, Miss Joanne was introduced to Montessori and realised that its method and core values are closely aligned with her own approach to teaching and caring for children; following children’s interests and guiding them to fulfil their desires and potential, while being independent in a well-prepared environment. Since then, Miss Joanne has been working with the children in various settings, enjoying building trusted relationships with them and their families. She always tries to be a good role-model to the children to instil positive traits that would stay with them throughout their lives.

Miss Shalini holds a PhD in Zoology (Environmental Science) from Jodhpur University, India. She completed her International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy in 2012 (at MCI in London) and has taught in three schools in London. Shalini want to enable children to build essential learning skills in their early years whilst creating a fun and innovative learning environment. In her spare time, Miss Shalini enjoys painting, fine art, cooking and travelling.

Miss Cira is from Colombia, South America. Before joining the team at Dawmouse, Miss Cira has taught at Montessori schools in Mexico, Brazil and the UK. She currently holds a BA in journalism and an MA in special educational needs. Miss Cira has a true passion for working with our youngest learners, helping each child progress. She finds inspiration everyday through working with children and knowing that she is part of their first school experiences. It is a gift to help the children to explore the world around them.

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